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Cuban Beats All Stars


Niceto Club – Buenos Aires

Beats Cuban All Stars with former members of the legendary Cuban band Orishas: « » (Carts / rap), (voz / Violi / went down / piano), (percussion), « » y con la participación del multi-instrumentista .

Note: Late 2009 the legendary Cuban band Orishas was separated and its members took different paths, much of their equipment such as singer () and musicians , and « », involving Ray Pinatel, decide to take advantage of the merger and good chemistry between them to form a new and innovative project out of the ordinary called Beats Cuban All Stars. Established and recognized artists who combine their magic and musical experience to create a sound and a spectacular live, designed to fill any scenario freshness and harmony on the planet.

Cuban-Beats-All-Stars-1858 Cuban Beats All Stars Cuban-Beats-All-Stars-1870 Cuban Beats All Stars Cuban-Beats-All-Stars-1828 Cuban Beats All Stars

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